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Education Be For Live And Not Just Livelihood

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Education Be For Live And Not Just Livelihood: Purposes of education are manifold. Its primary purpose is to prepare an individual for life. Education stands for developing human mind in a way as to arm an individual with the reasoning faculty. He must be able to argue things logically.

If he is to oppose a thing he should do it with the force of mind and reason. Education thus prepares individuals to fare life, along with its diverse challenges. Education aims at developing human intellect and refinement of the heart. It enables an individual to distinguish between right and wrong.

If it fails to develop human mind to encompass different issues, involving logic and reason, than it defeats its own purpose. Education thus should be sought to face life as a whole, with the aid of reason and logic. Education helps iron out emotional behaviors of an individual and prepares him to face the grim realities of life with determination and courage.

In other words, it should help an individual to adjust himself to the society. It must aid an individual to inculcate in himself the trout of discipline to contribute something to the society, the belongs to. In short, education should prepare people to deal with the baffling problems of life, through restraint, discipline, logic and reason.

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Education is not to be acquired for its own sake. It should assist an individual to earn his livelihood. People possessing, technical qualifications are duly qualified to command a high value in the open market of competition. Education is regarded as a factor, helping people to earn money end to increase the GDP.

Services sector contributes greatly to the GDP in Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan, where there is widespread poverty, education must enable people to earn their livelihood to support themselves and their families economically. Education cannot be segregated from economic realities.

It should prepare people to earn their livelihood. The economic aspect of education cannot ignored. It must be used to create better employment opportunities in the country. Education thus should be acquired for dealing with life as a whole.

At the same time, it should help people to improve their economic loss by earning money to support their economic survival. Education thus has to play a dual role.

“Education Be For Live And Not Just Livelihood”

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