Essay No. 60:

Eventually, All Human Action Must Be Judged By Its Moral Content: According to quotation, every human action is to be judged in terms of morality. Anything done contrary to morality is not to be appreciated. All human actions are to be judged on the basis of morality.


The human society is full of many vices. Economic exploitation of labour is done for increasing the profits of the industrialists to be invested further for increasing the pace of capital exploit labour for increasing the volume of output ___ agriculture, resort to different exploitative techniques, yet they frequently do it to gain a material objective. Man does not bother about morality when it comes to his personal interests.


In the sphere of international relations, countries big or small, follow policies which aim at promoting their typical interests. Morality is the least respected and practised in the field of international relations. Sometimes weak countries are compelled to take side with the aggressor. Aggression could in no way be justified on moral grounds.


The aggressor like the US has the cheek to perpetrate aggression under the cover of ‘pre-emptive strike’. The moral principles are paraded over under the boots of the aggressor. It is a fact that if moral principles were to shape the conduct of nations – big and small, most of the conflicts would vanish in the world and it would become a place worth-living for man.


All religions bear upon observing morality in all human affairs. Religion tells a man ‘what ought to be’ in human relations. If moral principles were followed they would go a long way in bridging the negative instincts of man to create a healthy human society. Present-day man under the impulse of materialism is not inclined to practice morality in everyday problems. He stands for improving his material lot.

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He listens to the principles of morality but does not practise them, because these do not bring him any economic gain. The latter is in open conflict with morality. Islam presents a balanced view of life. Believers are asked not to neglect the material side of their being, but they are equally exhorted to look after their soul through the pursuit of moral exercises. Man must realize that his starved soul can give rise to many ailments.


The present-day world is infested with ailments of serious nature. There is rising mental tension, disorder and the incidence of mental diseases is on the increase. The material comforts have not given peace of mind to man. Hence the remedy lies in removing the bruises of the human soul. In the end, we endorse what the quotation stands for. Every human action should be judged by its moral content.


If the present human action betrays it, it reflects a sorry state of affairs. Morality should regulate human affairs for the purpose of creating social harmony in life the rich out of their genuine savings, should aid the poor, the depraved, to rehabilitate them in life. Islam attaches the highest importance to man, who is the centre of the world. Human personality needs to be developed to its highest stature __ by removing all kinds of material constraints so that its inner aspect is equally developed.