Essay No. 284:

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: The meaning of the proverb is that behind sorrows there is a ray of hope for a better dawn, as dark cloud in the process of lightening, yields a silver lining. Man by nature decries difficulties, sorrows, realizing little that they are a precursor of better days to come.

Man gets upset when he is afflicted with sorrows in life. Sorrow and happiness are an alternating phenomenon in the life of man. Behind every difficulty and affliction, there is a hidden element of happiness for man. He should without grumbling accept given challenges and strive hard to overcome them.

When a given trifling situation is overcome, it yields something positive to man. Man under no conditions should get disheartened and lose heart to face the odd situations in life. Difficulties arouse the will of man to encounter adversities in life. That is a great contribution of difficulties to the life of man.

The trials and tribulations fortify the determination and will of man to face coming challenges in a resolute manner. Life demands courage, fortitude to put up with its harsh realities. When an adversity befalls man, he is highly up set. He begins to curse the moment when he comes under the ominous shadow of an adversity.

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He wishes things to move according to his expectations. In other words, when man is overwhelmed with miseries, sufferings, he loses the equanimity of his mind and begins to curse his fate. Tragedy and misfortune can plug man to depression and it takes time for him to recover it.

A balanced man takes a different view of calamities. He learns a lesson from his past experiences and begins to face difficulties with renewed determination. It gives a silver lining to man to come out of sufferings with greater efforts. We should not be cowed down by setbacks in life.

According to an Urdu verse, the violent blowing wind blows to upgrade the flight of an eagle. Hence the eagle should consider it a measure of blessing to fly high in the midst of violent winds.

“Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”