Essay No. 283:

Every Dog Has His Day: There is nothing permanent in the world. Things are in a state of flux and change. Everything is subject to change in the world. A wealthy man of today may become pauper of tomorrow. A pauper of today can be a wealthy man of tomorrow.

Some people who roll in wealth and affluence do not understand the reality of change. In their heyday of glory, then can commit worst type of deeds, which their could earn them a bad name, apart from tarnishing their reputation. They may commit excessed against the poor.

Being intoxicated with power, they may think little that tomorrow they could be dispossessed of what they have today. Hence wisdom lies in avoiding the treading of evil path. They should show kindness, affection to the poor segment of mankind.

Instead of earning the enmity of the poor classes, they should earn the good-will of the poor, the downtrodden. Life demands a realistic attitude, for the socially despised poor of today, can come into power tomorrow. Nothing is impossible in the world.

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However, the possibility of the poor coming into power under the exploitative system of capitalism tagged to democracy in the poor countries, appears quite remote. However, something unexpected can happen in the world.

The rich people wielding influence and power should treat the poor kindly. They should look after the poor by spending a part of their wealth on their welfare. Big and small have their own relative importance in the world. Big would lose relevance if there were not small in the world.

Even the poor can prove useful in the hour of need. The politicians engaged in the game of their ambition, must not ignore the existence of the poor electorate. It’s the latter’s vote that makes politicians win the election. So every care should be taken not to mistreat the poor voter.

Likewise the developed countries must show soft corner for the poor developing countries, which in a way are a source of sustenance to their existence. A rose and a thorn has equal importance in the world. We should not despise dog, the symbol of wretchedness, which too has a claim to exist.

“Every Dog Has His Day”