Essay No. 96:

Every System Of Government Emerges From Its System: The statement regards the economic system to be the mother system giving birth to the system of governance. On the face of it, that is quite appealing. I believe, it is the political system which is the mother of all systems in a country in these times of rising democracy, it is the political system which decides what type of economic and other systems would be in a country. It is the constitution what determines the nature of economic and system of governance in a country.


In Pakistan, the constitution declares it to be a parliamentary type of democracy. Along with that, it envisages a free market of an economic system, to guarantee all types of economic freedom to the people of Pakistan. Free Market Economy forms the basis of the economic system in Pakistan. Democracy and the free-market economy are mutually consistent with each other.


Under the socialistic system resting on the socialization of means of production, a centrally controlled economy is protégé of it. A free-market economy is inconsistent with Socialism. Under socialism, the centrally controlled economic system is the most viable to promote the ends of Socialism. What it amounts to is that political system precedes economics and every other form of system in a country.


It is not amiss to mention here is that there must be complete harmony between the working of economic and political systems in a country.  In the West, that harmony is discernible. In a way, to some extent, the semblance of harmony can be seen in Pakistan. The economic system generates inequalities in income, which makes the rich richer, the poor poorer.

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It strengthens the rich, the elite in Pakistan, who come of the privileged class. The poor are impoverished who just eke out their physical existence. The economic system suits the privileged classes, who have the means to contest elections every time. The feudal landlords, the industrialists, the retired civil and military bureaucrats enter the political fray to fight elections.


Electrons are the luxury of the privileged classes, who after winning elections are engaged in the game of ‘self-interest’. A deep relationship between the political and economic systems tends to be established and both in a way become self-reinforcing. The crux of the matter is that it is a political system which gives rise to the economic system, though in the long run, both become supportive of each other.

“Every System Of Government Emerges From Its System”