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Essay No. 297:

Expectation Is Keener Than Enjoyment: It is a matter of common observation that the struggle we make for achieving our objective in life, brings a great pleasure and joy to us. Candidates desirous of appearing in the CSS examination have to wear themselves out and in the process of struggle they experience a certain amount of joy and ecstasy.

When they succeed in the examination and after being finally selected, much of the charm disappears. Joy and pleasure peter out gradually once the objective is achieved. When the first target is achieved, another target is fixed, which necessitates calling for at grim struggle on the part of man to realize it.

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The struggle further yields happiness to man. That is how the life of man is punctuated with a series of struggle, followed by a certain amount of pleasure. There is a saying that pleasure lies in pursuit rather than achieving goal. An Urdu sums up this philosophy in the following verse:

خبر شوقِ طلب’ خبرشوقِ کچھ اور مجھے منظور نہیں

اے عشق بتا اب کیا ہوگا کہتے ہیں کہ منزل دور نہیں

[I don’t want nothing except the fondness of travel and its demand

O love tell me, what would become when destination is not fair-off]

In other words, charm often disappears when man reaches his destination. After the journey is complete, there commences the period of inactivity, sloth, which is ultimately to be overcome to keep the cycle of struggle intact. Hence expectation to achieve something in life keeps man in a state of strife and struggle.

“Expectation Is Keener Than Enjoyment”