Essay No. 186:

Failures Are The Pillars Of Success: Failures dishearten man who comes under the pall of depression. He remains in a state of depression for quite some time. Failures either pull man down or create in him a new wave of determination to carry on his struggle with renewed vigour and valour. Those who are cowed down by failure lapse into a state of quietism and are not able to face the hard realities of life.

Men who do not surrender to the forces to defeat, give a bold front to adversities of life. Life demands action to fight against setbacks and failures to chart ones course to attain success. Success does not come easily to man to clear steer his way out of stumbling blocks.

Failures have their own causes. Man should dispassionately analyse the cause of failure he meets in a particular project. Once the causes are objectively identified, it then becomes comparatively easy for man to make a conscious effort to avoid them in the next attempt. Failures are a necessary component of success. History is replete with instances to show that the past kings, warriors many a time met failure, which was the result of certain factors.

The warriors did not lose heart over their failure in certain wars, but with proper organization and removing the constraints associated with pervious effort, were able to emerge victorious the next time. Man should thus be ready to accept defeat first before expecting to be blessed with success.

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Certain CSS candidates are dampened in their spirits if they do not qualify the CSS examination in the first attempt. Some feel frustrated while others rise to the occasion and get through the examination successfully. Man’s story of advance runs largely in terms of failure and success. Failure opens up vistas of new energy to man. Failures are a stepping stone to success.

Failure and success are alternation phenomenon in life. Failure of today is success of tomorrow. Man should court failures valiantly. He should not be run down by failure, which are meant to arouse the spirit of action in man. Failures are thus stepping stones to success. Man should thus all the time be prepared to face failures, which would later on smoothen the way of man to success.

One should thus not remain in a low key when one encounters a failure in a particular field. Rather one should grid up one’s loins to adequately deal with unfavorable circumstances through vision, planning and determination.

Failures Are The Pillars Of Success”