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Fame is last infirmity of noble mind

Essay No. 301:

Fame is last infirmity of noble mind: Fame undoubtedly is a great weakness of man he is motivated to win fame by doing certain exceptional deeds in life. A writer wishes to become popular by writing certain pieces of literature. A scientist conducts research in certain fields of discover something new with a view to win fame.

A teacher of a great repute, wishes to be ever in contact with new latest trends in the field of his discipline to impart latest knowledge to his pupils. The teacher would be impelled to sit for long hours in a library to study the latest books, journals for updating his knowledge/ the underlying idea behind doing the intellectual gymnastics is to get fame.

In short, man runs after fame, which appears to be his general weakness. Every normal person wishes to move in the corridors of fame, popularity, etc. There are, however, certain noble minds, who do good deeds by way of serving mankind in different ways.

They are not motivated by fame of cheap popularity. Some may establish hospitals to provide free medical aid to the poor, ailing section of mankind. Some may like to set up quality-schools to give quality of education, especially to the boys / girls of poor classes without charging any fee from them.

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Philanthropists of this type stand for winning the pleasure of God and worldly fame does not seem to be their motive. They wish to construct their balance sheet in a way as to satisfy their inner conscience and invite the permanent blessings of their Creator. They don’t bother about the worldly fame.

Sufis live to invite the pleasure of Allah and His Apostle (PBUH) by constantly remembering Him through mystical exercises and guiding the mankind on the right path. They do not have any mundane motive of getting popularity. Worldly fame is not their objective.

Their real objective is to enforce spiritual discipline among their followers to motivate them for shaping their lives according to the basic commands of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). This shows that winning fame in the world is not the hallmark of noble minds. Their real fame is to serve humanity.

“Fame is last infirmity of noble mind”

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