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Fame Is The Last Infirmity Of A Noble Mind

Essay No. 295:

Fame Is The Last Infirmity Of A Noble Mind: Man by nature in hungry for fame. It may be regarded as a weakness of man. He undertakes various ventures – some noble, others ignoble, to leave some impressions on the sands of time after his death in the world.

The impelling motive behind doing wood-works is to leave some good legacies in the world. The philanthropists who serve humanity in different forms are ever remembered. They leave (perpetuation of a good heritage) overtime, which pays them rich dividend to their memory.

There are exceptions who believe in good for the sake of good. They do goods works to earn permanent gratitude in the eyes of Allah rather than earn fame in the works. The guiding principle should be serve the humanity for the sake of Allah, who alone is the final arbiter in all human affairs and actions.

Fame is the weakness of ordinary petty minds. The true followers of Islam are above petty worldly fame. Their real reward lies with the Creator. One should thus not run after fame by doing some good works. Worldly fame is transitory, short-lived. The real fame becomes a permanent part of time, which is not subject to perish ability.

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Fame often provides incentives to man to move forward in life. It is a great mover of moan to achieve heights of glory in a short span of life. Scientists, researchers are motivated to discover new things in life and that brings them fame. Even noble minds are greatly impelled by fame, which yields everlasting dividend to them on account of their positive contribution in any field of life.

Ordinary and even noble minds are influenced by fame. Those who bequeath rich legacies to the posterity, are not forgotten because of being friends of humanity. It may be noted that both plus and negative exceptions enter into the fold of history.

The plus are remembered positively, while the negatively. While one remembers mother Teresa in good terms. Dictators indulging in heinous crimes, doing the exploitation of people for promoting their selfish cause, earn bad epithets at the hands of history.

Fame Is The Last Infirmity Of A Noble Mind”

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