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Fashions In Dress Are Much Less Harmful Than Intellectual Fashions

Essay No. 282:

Fashions In Dress Are Much Less Harmful Than Intellectual Fashions: According to the statement, fashions in dress, hair, jewelry, shoes are not as harmful as those of intellectual nature. I believe that even fashions in dress and other things have also negative points (see Essay No. 9: Lure of Fashions and Essay No. 202: Fashions).

However, intellectual fashions comprise new mode of thinking and philosophies. Intellectual fashions are fathered by intellectual thinkers, who may come up with a different way of thinking on life. New philosophies veering round materialism, can prove dangerous for the moral values so fondly cherished by societies resting on ideological basis.

If such philosophies are accepted, then it would give a set back to the moral human values of life. One must study new philosophies analytically to widen one’s mental thought, horizon, but should not accept them without caring to know their pros and cons.

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The problems with the immature minds is that they are swayed by such philosophies which stand to negate the role of religion in man’s life. Marxian philosophy exercised a profound influence on the writers of Indo-Pak Subcontinent that they openly were carried away by its charm to the neglect of religion.

Religion was downgraded at the cost of new Marxian philosophy, which in a way captured the imagination of the young generation. No doubt exploitation of man by man is to be despised, but there is no fan in depreciating the role of religion in life of man.

Philosophical new tendencies in human thought are welcome, but their blind acceptance is harmful. In the end, it may be pointed out that fads of pseudo intellectuals are harmful to be followed in a society. Care must be taken to avoid such intellectual thought as are meant to detract the young from the course of national ideology.

“Fashions In Dress Are Much Less Harmful Than Intellectual Fashions”

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