Essay No. 202:

Fashions: Fashions represent the spirit of newness and innovation in consumer as well as producer goods. Fashions indicate new trends in designing of furniture, jewelry, construction, hairstyle, costumes and shoes, etc. fashions are exhibited practically in different fields of life. They are in line with the desire of human beings to demand new things embodying new trends in designing and craftsmanship.

A person owning an old model car would like to replace it with a new one, showing a marker change in shape and provision of more facilities including AC and others. The elite classes discard the use of old automobiles and instead go in for the latest designs ones in order to maintain an air of social superiority. Man by nature wants new things. It is ingrained in the nature of man to demand new, innovative things.

Modern producers exploit this weakness of man by producing consumer goods embodying new changes in their designs. The market is flooded with consumer goods in improved from and shape to attract the attention of consumers. Consumers like to buy goods which come into fashions in order to gain social prominence. The ladies in particular are fascinated by new variety of jewelry, costumes, and spend a lot on buying them.

The producers make a lot of profit, and further reinvest a large proportion of profits to establish new industries. That is how fashions help in widening the scope of further industrialization in a country. Alduous Huxley remarks that even in times of depression, ladies in USA spend a lot of money on cosmetics to keep their physical beauty in tat.

Depression does not make much difference insofar as the sale on cosmetics and fashionable things is concerned. The desire to keep oneself in the vanguard of social prominence greatly contributes to the emergence of fashions. The latter keep the cycle of industry in motion. It is the desire of the elite classes to have fashionable things that fashions entrench their forces in a society.

Students are greatly allured by fashions. They spend much of their money in shopping and buying new watches, new shirts/tight jeans to keep themselves in good humor. They wear new hairstyles to have an edge over their other compatriots. In short, fashions to have an edge over their other compatriots. In short, fashions embrace every segment of society.

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Students bear pressure on the rich/lean purses of their parents to meet their fashionable demands. They are carried away by the currents of fashions. It boosts consumer-spending and is not a happy trend in a poor country like Pakistan. The capital spent on fashions is not productive, as it ought to be spent on increasing the pace of physical capital formation.

Fashions are infections by nature. Their influence percolates to the lowest strata of society. The poor are captivated by fashions. They do not have the required resources to buy fashionable clothes, shoes. It creates frustration among them. They are motivated to indulge in socially undesirable activities like crime, theft, etc. that encourages criminology in society.

There is a saying that fashionable persons are invariably in love with themselves. They are guided by fashion instinct. It is a negative point of fashions. Top of all, a society given to fashion beings to rely on external rather than internal stimuli. Its inner strength tends to be eroded by fashion-stimuli. Its inner strength tends to be eroded to a dog suffering from innumerable fleas.

A society thriving on artificial stimuli, is ill-capacitance to come to grips with the ground realities of life. Realism tends to slip out of its hands. Thinkers least bother about fashions. Scientists equally do not show much concern on this count. Their fashion consists of new idea/trend they float for the intellectual enrichment of the human society. Albert Einstein bothered not much about his dress of hair.

He was all the time thinking about opening new vistas of thinking to the coming generation. That was his fashion. Pakistan needs thinkers, scientists, politicians who are above artificiality to put the country on to the path of inner strength to face formidable challenges. Challenges are demanding of strong will, determination borne of internal strength. A fashion-ridden society is shore of real strength.