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Flattery Brings Friends, Truth Enemies

Essay No. 300:

Flattery Brings Friends, Truth Enemies: The proverb deals with a bare fact of life. Man by nature loves his self and encourages those who extol his deeds and virtues. That brings man nearer flatters, who are disciples of the devils to detract him from the normal course of life.

Those who would influence, power and money, like to be praised unnecessarily by a coterie of flatterers. They from a ring around the flattered to promote their fishy interests. The rich people mostly shower their kindness on those, who could flatter and humor them.

Such people wish to be surrounded by flatters who could sing hymns in eulogizing their real or unreal qualities. Those who have the moral courage in pointing out their weakness, frailties and fillies, are disliked. To speak out the truth is an act of courage.

The dictators do not cherish the truth, as they cannot put up with the slightest criticism against their policies. They encourage and befriend those who could flatter them. Hence by speaking out the truth, one could earn enmity and wrath of people.

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Those who are in the habit of calling a spade a spade, invariably have to suffer in life, because people cannot digest truth. Everyone verbally expresses admiration for truth. But when someone pinpoints his weaknesses/shortcomings he cannot put up with that. Truth always tastes bitter.

It is somewhat difficult for man to swallow the bitter ill of truth. The truthful people have always faced tough opposition. They incur the displeasure of others much of their disadvantage. A running government when criticized for this wrong policies gets upset and in retaliation may penalize the apposition on one ground or the other.

It wants a typical group of flatterers, sycophants who could always play up its image at the national level. But the crutch of flattery is termite-eaten, which may fail down any time.

“Flattery Brings Friends, Truth Enemies”

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