Essay No. 314:

Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To TreadThe proverb means that fools without applying reason to a given situation, howsoever ticklish it may be, take a plunge into it. They get a setback for not analyzing the pros and cons of a critical situation before facing it.

Fools displays fool hardiness in dealing with serious situations in life. Wise persons apply cool thinking before deciding to take a plunge into any venture, which does not promise a happy economic return. He would first of all carry out a feasibility report to determine the profitability of the project.

If he is convinced that the project is worth financing then he would borrow capital from different financial institutions to finance it. An unwise industrialist may sink his capital in a project which does not promise to yield a high rate of return. A foolish man lives in an unreal world as he lacks in common sense and basic intelligence.

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A foolish man thus may like to court unknown dangers without applying any sound reason to face a difficult situation. The proverb aims at administering a piece of advice to normal men not to take a plunge into unknown dangers before analyzing the consequences dispassionately.

Angels may not like to undertake a situation which by nature is explosive, while fools are willing to face it by virtue of lack of common sense and understanding. One should thus be guided by common sense in life to face critical situations, as a hurried jump can cost dearly to one.

Wisdom, cool thinking should be the forte of human beings even in ordinary course of life. One should not act like a fool bereft of reason and logic, as that does not suit life.

“Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread”