For Forms Of Government, Let Fools Contest, Whatever Is Administrated Best, Is Best

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For Forms Of Government, Let Fools Contest, Whatever Is Administrated Best, Is Best: The quotation sums up the importance of good governance under any system, be it democracy, socialism, kingship or monarchy. There should be no contest for forms of government but the contest should revolve around the nature of administration. If any form of government promotes good governance or administration, that should be welcomed.

The ultimate effectively goal is good administration to deal with the problems of people effectively. Hence there is no point in contesting about the forms of government. The primary concern should be whether to ascertain a given system promotes good governance or not. If it achieves the end in view then it is a good system or form of government.

The history bears out the fact Sher Shah Suri, the king in India, promoted the best type of administration to promote law and order in the country. A great emphasis was laid on the dispensation of justice. Sher Shah Suri gave the best possible administration, which helped resolve the problems of the people of the time. He was a king.

A king can have soft feelings for his subjects and could give a good administration to resolve their day-to-day problems. In actual fact, visionary and competent leadership under monarchy, totalitarian or controlled forms of governance has steered many nations around the world to prosperity, economic progress and peace.

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The Islamic Caliphs were fired with the spirit of serving the people and laid down a good basis for governance. Hazrat Umar (RA) used to patrol at night guiding himself to know about the problems of people. He ate barley bread like others during the conditions of famine. He was accountable to the people for his actions. He upheld the doctrine of accountability, the integral part of modern democracy.

The good governance and administration can flow out of any system provided it is run by men of dedication. It is not only peculiar to democracy alone. Democracy is considered to be a good form of government. It has proved a great success in the West. Its success is attributed to the sincerity of the leadership in those countries.

The leadership respects public opinion and refrains from indulging in acts of personal aggrandizement. It runs smoothly there. Democracy in Pakistan does not produce the desired results, because politicians and rulers are greatly influenced by the consideration of personal growth. They do not play the game of democracy often detracts it and leads to military coups.

It will become success in Pakistan when rulers come out of their personal grooves and try to resolve the complex intriguing problems of the people. The sum and substance of the discussion is that forms of governments do not matter much. But what matters is how far they are successful in giving improved administration to the people in a country. Good governance is the criterion to test the soundness of a government of a system.

“For Forms Of Government, Let Fools Contest, Whatever Is Administrated Best, Is Best”