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Frailty Thy Name Is Woman

Essay No. 281:

Frailty Thy Name Is Woman: This is what Shakespeare says in his play “Hamlet”. What the playwright alludes to is that a woman is weak, fickle and devoid of reasons. A woman is thus said to be ruled by her emotions / heart. They are susceptible to passions and emotions, which, on the whole, influence the behaviors of a woman.

Whatever the case may be, man remains a slave of her beauty. Man overwhelmed with her beauty, can go to any extent to possess her. Even kings had to abdicate throne to possess their beloved. There is no denying the fact, that a woman is a great weakness of man.

Physically she is weak as compared to man. But it is wrong to assume that mentally she is weak. Mentally, intellectually she is as strong as that of man. Women have made astounding researches in different fields of knowledge. Who could forget the name of Madame Curie, who discovered radium.

They move shoulder to shoulder with men in the field of research. Their intellectual acumen stands established and nobody can deny it. Intellectually women are quite strong.

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In terms of statecraft, who could forget the names of Noorjahan, Razia Sultana, Jhansi Ki Rani from amongst the old figures. From the modern, the names of Golda Meir (PM of Israel), Indra Gandhi (PM of India) and Benazir Bhutto (PM of Pakistan) stand out prominently.

In the civil service of Pakistan, many prominent ladies have established their credentials as good administrators. If they were mentally weak, they would not have acted as head of the executive in different countries. Mentally / intellectually they are quite perceptive. No one can doubt about their intellectual powers and ability.

Hence the statement is true in a limited but not in a wider perspective. Undoubtedly she is the greatest weakness of man, but in other respects she is as active and agile as man. Shakespeare’s view appear somewhat sweeping and cannot accepted in toto.

“Frailty Thy Name Is Woman”

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