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Friendship Is Seldom Lasting But Between Equals

Essay No. 299:

Friendship Is Seldom Lasting But Between Equals: Friendship demands mutual understandings and adjustments. Friendship between the poor and the high classes seldom lasts long. Marked differences in status are a block in the way of friendship between two persons hailing from the elite and the poor classes.

Normally both the gentlemen cannot be on the same mental wavelength, due to differences in social status and understandings. The ideas of a young man hailing from the elite class may be totally different from those of the poor man. The former is reared up in economic affluence while the latter is brought up in the lap of poverty.

Both may be having different outlook on life. The poor man may be quite familiar with the difficulties and pain which poverty clamps on man, while his rich counterpart may only show understanding of ease and comfort in life. Both are a poles apart.

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Friendship if initiated between the two, is not expected to be everlasting in view of marked differences in status, and thinking. Friends must have some common ground. If there are barriers of social status, economic position, permanent sense of understanding, then friendship cannot grow on a firm basis.

Friendship can take place between unequal, but it would fail to thrive on a permanent basis. People with similar social, economic background stand a better chance of friendship. Experience shows that friendship between unequal, does not stand the test of time.

Before cultivating friendship with people, we must ensure equality of terms of understanding, adjustment, and social and economic position between the parties concerned. Equals have a better chance of friendship.

“Friendship Is Seldom Lasting But Between Equals”

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