Essay No. 68:

Full Many A Flower Is Born To Blush Unseen And Waste Its Sweetness On The Desert Air: The verses are from Thomas Grey’s poem that he wrote on the death of some dear one. It is a fact that many flowers bloom in a desert and waft their sweetness all around. There is no one in the desert to inhale their fragrance. The blooming flowers wither away and then go waste.


If we apply the verses to Pakistan society, we come to know that there are many talented young men, women in poor humble cottages, whose talent is wasted away because they do not have any opening in life. Poverty prevents their talent from being utilized to their own and society’s advantage. The poor boys/girls do not to primary schools because their parents can’t bear the expenses of their education.


Some of them could be budding teachers, engineers, doctors, but their talent is choked at the hands of poverty. In a society where poverty is rampant, where the talent is bound to suffer reverses. On the other hand, the rich provide the best schooling to their sons/daughters, and talent, if any, comes out to be utilized for their advancement.


The problem can be examined from another angle. A society where merit is under pegged, it rots like the desert flowers blooming but nobody seeing them and inhaling their sweetness. A meritless society is like a desert to waste the fragrance of blooming flowers. Favouritism flourishes but merit stifled in the meritless society. Western society recognizes merit which is picked up in every field of life.

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Merit is strongly upheld, which goes a long way to contribute to the collective growth of the society. Merit norms are laid down in every field. Every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes up to the norms is selected. In colleges, Universities, admissions are made on merit basis. In matters of recruitment, merit is strictly followed. No one is considered above law. The rich and the poor have to come up to the criterion of merit.


Hence in a society of merit-flowers, their sweetness is scattered all around to be felt by everyone. Unlike Western society, things are different in Pakistan society. The constitution recognizes merit, but at the practical plane, considerations other than merit are weighed in matters of recruitment. Demerit would meet its death when accountability across the board is established in society. It is related to the proper working of democracy in the country.


Discretionary powers of political personages and bureaucracy militate against merit. These powers should be done away within the name of encouraging merit. Merit must prevail in the Pakistan society to admit of the inhaling of the sweetness of flowers of merit. Let flowers of talent not go un-inhaled in our society

“Full Many A Flower Is Born To Blush Unseen And Waste Its Sweetness On The Desert Air”