Essay No. 103:

Garner Ye Rose Buds While Ye May: The quotation is to be interpreted symbolically. It implies that one should gather as many rosebuds as possible. One should catch hold of opportunities that come in one’s way in life. One should not let opportunities slip out of one’s hand.

The basket should be filled in with rosebuds/flowers. One should pick up maximum rosebuds. When you enter a garden with a basket, it is empty. When you go out of the garden it is full of flowers of various hues. It depends on your own capacity as to how far you can garner rosebuds.

Robert Frost In ‘After Apple-picking’ points our tendency. The poet’s basket is already filled in with plucked up apples. He wishes to pluck the apples still hanging on the branches, as he is not satisfied with what he has already done. Man thus wishes to gather as much as he can. That is the constructive behaviour of man.

The accumulation of wealth and riches can be justified on the basis of the quotation. The rich can gather as much as wealth as they can. They can exploit the labour to build their economic industrial empire and there is no compunction in their way. The quotation brings home to the reader that man should strive as much as possible to exploit given opportunities in life for his betterment.

Life is a symbol of struggle and who shun making struggle, cannot possibly make use of opportunities that come to them in life. Opportunities come and go, and once an opportunity is missed, it stands missed forever. Opportunities should in no way be allowed to miss without their being fully exploited in the larger interests of man.

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No doubt it calls for making the best use of offered opportunities but care must be taken to avoid the adoption of immoral means in their exploitation. It is good to accumulate wealth but not at the cost of discarding moral values. One must avail oneself of given opportunities, but the right type of means may be adopted in this behalf.

If by bribery you can secure a job that is no good. The job should be secured on the basis of merit and competence. It should be through open competition and he who comes up to the standard should get a job. If one believes in the Machiavellian philosophy, then it the end that determines means.

Ends justifying means imply that an individual can go to any extent to achieve his objective in life. This philosophy impinges on morality. It is not a good course to adopt. Means must be genuine to gain ends in life.

“Garner Ye Rose Buds While Ye May”