Essay No. 313:

Genius Survives All Else Is Claimed By Death: The word genius means exceptional or the one with significant achievements to his credit. Those who leave behind them some worthily achievements, are remembered forever. They survive through their achievements in the world.

Genius thus is like an ever shining star on the firmament of time. Its luster does not dim as the time passes. Time is cruel as it sweeps everything that comes within its debilitating range. However, it dare not efface the names of geniuses known for their work and contribution to the different realms of knowledge and other fields of life.

History does not remember every Tom, Dick and Harry but only the exceptions by virtue of their outstanding contributions to different fields of knowledge. The scientific discoveries, unique works of art in the field of drama, novel, poetry, painting, sculpture, are the works of geniuses.

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One can recount innumerable names in the aforesaid fields of art, which have survived the tide of time. No one can snatch away the fame associated with their names, as they are a permanent part of time. Who can forget the names of Shakespeare, Keats, Shelly, Ghalib, in the realm of poetry, who by virtue of their poetic works have left permanent imprints on the sands of time.

Similarly, one can recount many distinguished names in the field of scientific research, which have come to live through times. There is a Person verse which reads as:

کسبِ کمال کن کہ عزیز نرے جہاں شوی

Acquire specialization in your art to endear yourself to the world. Hence those who act on this principle, create a permanent neische for themselves in the annals of history. In other words, genius in every field survives the cruelties of time. All else perishes in the world. Ordinary people just appear on the stage of the world and then depart unsung.

“Genius Survives All Else Is Claimed By Death”