Essay No. 315:

God Could Not Be Everywhere And Therefore He Made Mothers: The proverb reveals the importance of mother in life. Though God is omnipresent, yet where His influence is undermined, the job of God is done by a mother. A mother is thus a reflection of God’s love, affection and other qualities.

A mother thus is symbolic of purity, love and protection—the attributes of divinity. A mother can make maximum sacrifices to up bring her children. Mothers are like a big tree, under whose cool shade her offspring can sit and protect themselves against the rebuffs of life.

She is a sheltering tree for her children. She does her maternal duties without any ulterior motive. She can’t bear the sufferings of her children. She can go to any length to make sacrifices for her children. In short, she is a manifestation of God’s love. That is why the Holy Quran declares that paradise lies beneath the feet of a mother.

One can earn the pleasure of God serving one’s mother with a sense of devotion and commitment. Shakespeare rightly said that those who suck the milk of human kindness (mother’s breast milk) imbibe in themselves the qualities of love, compassion, which they tend to exhibit on different occasions in life.

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A mother’s influence is of divine nature. History gives us many examples of mother’s influence and education on her children. Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was waylaid by robbers. They asked him if he had something precious with him whereupon he replies that he possessed a few gold coins, which lay concealed in the shirt he wore.

The dacoits were surprised at the outspokenness of the chap. They also decided to renounce the profession of robbery. Such was the moral influence of Abdul Qadir Jilani’s mother’s on him that regardless of all consequences, he spoke out the truth.

A mother thus is an embodiment of love, affection and in a way represents the traits of divinity. She deserves respect, veneration form her siblings.

“God Could Not Be Everywhere And Therefore He Made Mothers”