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God Enters To Those Heart Which Are Open To Him

Essay No. 322:

God Enters To Those Heart Which Are Open To Him: The proverb means that by mere invoking the name of God is not enough. One’s deeds in life in life should be such as to invoke, God’s entry into one’s heart. The deeds should comprise love, kindness, charity and truthfulness. If one shows love to one’s fellow beings without any ulterior motive, one does a divinely act in life.

The purpose of man’s existence is to render help to the crest-fallen creatures of God as to raise them in life to make them productive members of a society. Our hearts should be full of love and kindness for our fellow beings. If that were he case, God will enter into our hearts.

The philanthropists who do works of charity for promoting the welfare of humanity, bring themselves near god. By establishing various types of trusts, they render free services especially to the poor. It’s a great work, which has a high estimation in the eyes of Allah.

Allah does not need our prayers, but what He demands of us is to have soft feelings for the poor, the depraved etc. Hence the best way to open our hearts to God is that we should do works of charity in life. We should show kindness to those who are inferior to us in life in terms of status.

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Allah loves those who love His creatures. Allah owns all His creatures – whether high or low. Hence it is rather obligatory on man to look after the under-privileged groups in society. Man must set aside certain portion of his hard-earned wealth for the welfare of the poor.

Sunlight enters a room only if the windows and doors are kept open by the inmates of a house. Similarly, Allah’s grace enters those hearts, which are opened through eternal values of charity, good deeds comprising love, affection, truthfulness.

There is Quranic verse that Allah lives in the heart of man. When man does evil deeds, divinity moves out of human heart. Heart becomes the dwelling place of Satan. So man should consciously endeavour to restore divinity to his heart by doing good deeds of the aforementioned nature.

“God Enters To Those Heart Which Are Open To Him”

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