God’s In His Heaven, All’s Right With The World (Short Essay)

Essay No. 272:

God’s In His Heaven, All’s Right With The World: The lines makes us believe that there is God living in His heaven. Who regulates the working of the world through His divine laws. The lines indicate the existence of an optimistic belief that God governs this world, and there is nothing to worry about.

The world has been regulating its creation, as God setting on His throne has been regulating its affairs through divine laws, which are immutable and subject to no change. Not only God supervises the world but also the planetary one. His Command extends over all the worlds.

No doubt the world, since time immemorial, has been undergoing wars and conflicts, resulting in colossal losses, but it has remained in tact. It will remain in tact, God willing, despite man’s instinct of fighting. The world can become a hell through man’s own misdeeds.

Man realizes little that things are not to blame, as the blame squarely falls on man, who through his misdeeds can convert it to a hell. Hence man should bring about a change in his own thinking. Despite the ravages and colossal destruction caused by the atomic bombs thrown over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Japan has emerged as a very strong country mechanism, which sets things right in the long run.

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The world thus is with a God, who though His divine scheme rectifies the wrong and restores things to their original place. The divine scheme rectifies the wrong and restores things to their original place. The divine justice or natural justice prevails in the world which is meant to keep the world in a state of balance and harmony.

Hence man should find faults with the world. Famines, floods, epidemics, are a part of the divine dispensation, which apart from their harmful effects, have the potential of goodness in themselves. The world is designed to move a higher level and this process would continue and infinitude.

Man thus should not take a limited view of things. A broader, long-term view of things is the need of time. We should not take a myopic view of the world, which is vast beyond the comprehension of man in totality. Let us have a firm faith in God and His justice.

“God’s In His Heaven, All’s Right With The World”