Essay No. 216:

Good Mind, Good Find: According to the proverb, a good mind finds good everywhere. A person wearing an optimistic view of life, would find traces of optimism, amidst pessimism or cynicism. Things may be wrapped up in negatives, but the person with a good mind would discover positives out of negatives.

A good mind is the one that views in their good perspective. Good appears to it as the reality of life. It does not go by the negative side by of things. It tries to promote good in life. It is not influenced by minuses of things. Life appears to it as good and not bad. The crux of the matter is that life appears to one the way one looks at it. If you look at life from a good angle, it looks all good.

The Holy Quran declares that Allah has made man out of good ‘Khamir’ (nature). However, he leans heavily towards, the evil. When man consciously develops the trait of good ‘Khamir’, in him the world appears in that perspective. He sees good everywhere. He is impelled to promote good in human society.

When the conscience of man is dyed in worldly evil he gradually is drifted away from good. Worldly temptation induces him to indulge in corruption of various kinds and that sullies his soul. Once he falls a prey to evil, he is caught in a vicious circle that fails to be turned to a virtuous cycle later on. Such a person begins to see evil / darkness around himself.

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On the other hand, a person who consciously endeavors to develop good in himself by acting upon the Quranic recipe, he is a source of strength to the human society. A good mind avoids exploiting the weakness of others to its advantage, and tries to shun exploitation of the weak, and stands for promoting social justice. A good mind makes representation of moral values.

It was Coleridge, belonging to the Romantic School of thought in the English poetry, who was of the view that the seeds of appreciation lay in the mind of the viewer. Nature looks happy to man, because he is in a happy mood and vice versa. It is the variations in the mood of man that make nature look happy or sad.

In other words, a mind infested with germs of good would view nature good or happy. It is the inherent good in man that dispels gloom in life. A morbid, sick mind sees sickness everywhere. One should thus develop virtue and good in life to inspire others for the same. It is the good mind that witnesses good in life.

“Good Mind, Good Find”