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Good Wine Needs No Bush

Essay No. 321:

Good Wine Needs No Bush: The meaning of the proverb is that seasoned wine needs no introduction or advertisement. It is the quality of a product which speaks for itself. Qualitative type of products entrench their hold in the market and they do not need any type of advertisement.

The producers of consumer good advertise their products through a number of ways. They fix headings at a number of busy places to capture the attention of people for the advertised products. They advertise their products through print and electronic media like the press, the T.V, the radio etc.

The idea is to bring about a change in the preferences of consumers. A consumer is thought to be a sovereign king under a capitalist free enterprise system. Producers aim at reducing his sovereignty through advertisement, as that might induce consumer to change his preference for the advertised product.

Advertisement acts in a very subtle manner to influence consumers to give up their previous choice and to switch over to the use of the advertised products. However, the fact remains that it is the quality of products which helps pave way for their marketing. Hence a quality products is a source of its own advertisement.

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If an elected government delivers effective services to the people, it needs no crutch of publicity or advertisement. The government need not come out with a broucher, highlighting its achievements, as people themselves can easily judge its performance.

If a government theoretically professes to follow an independent foreign policy, but practically it is tied to the foreign aprons, the people would immediately sense the hallow claim of the government. A government standing for the welfare of the people does not need any advertisement or publicity.

A government struggling to resolve the socio-economic problems of the people in a practical way is very well appreciated by the people. It does not require any crutch of publicity as good wine needs no bush.

“Good Wine Needs No Bush”

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