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Goodwill Is Earned By Many Acts, It Can Be Lost By One

Essay No. 102:

Goodwill Is Earned By Many Acts It Can Be Lost By One: The quotation means that goodwill is a function of many human acts. It is difficult to earn goodwill in life. One has to make many sacrifices to earn it. If you wish to set up a project exclusively for the benefit of the poor, you have to undergo a lot of strains and stresses.

Once the industrial Crafts School is established and it gets going, you have to take a lot of care that it is run on the right lines to promote the objectives underlying its creation. You finance the project out of your personal hard-earned savings and move heaven and earth to make it viable.

The industrial Crafts School can also draw on public donations. There are certain philanthropists who may be willing to make donations to the school. The person who fights on a number of fronts to establish the school earns good-will and reputation in the society. He has to struggle hard to put the institution on an even keel.

If that person is thought to indulge in embezzling the public donations, it can give a great set back to his reputation in the society. Maybe some interested persons are carrying on false propaganda against him. But once it comes to the notice of the public, it unleashes a campaign of vilification against him. The goodwill earned can be lost instantly.

A country that earns the goodwill of a friendly country over years, can be lost it when being involved in an unpleasant situation, which calls for certain changes in its foreign policy, unsuiting the friendly country. The latter can grow hostile to the former. A single act is sufficient is losing the goodwill earned through years of hard labour.

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There is a story which has a moral lesson for us. There were two friends who were deeply connected to each other. They stood by each other in every weal and woe. It so happened that one of the friends came under the severe criticism of the ruler. The latter ordered each and every individual to throw stones at him while passing by him.

The other friend was put in a critical situation. To comply with the command of the ruler, he instead of throwing a stone threw a flower at him. He yelled and wept bitterly. He proclaimed “the flower has bled me more than stones”. The edifice of friendship crumbled with the throwing of a flower.

“Goodwill Is Earned By Many Acts It Can Be Lost By One”

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