Great Men Have Always Scorned Great Recompense (Short Essay)

Essay No. 317:

Great Men Have Always Scorned Great Recompense: Great man are not motivated by ordinary fame. Their real motivation lies in their sincerity and convictions. It is these traits, which impel great men to move forward, to achieve their objective in life.

They pass through a hell of adversities but continue their mission with consistency and devotion. They do not work for mercenary motives. They are above petty fame. Quaid-e-Azam, Nelson Mendala, Martin Luther King were persuaded to achieve something substantial through great deeds.

Great men are not fame hungry. They work with perseverance and devotion to achieve something in life. They leave something precious after their physical disappearance form the world.t heir solid achievement, attained through lot of sacrifices and pains, keeps their memory alive for all times to come.

Men of science, arts, literature, and politics have left indelible imprints on the sands of time by virtue of their outstanding contribution in their respective fields. They face criticism but remain undaunted in their mission to get something substantial for the benefit of mankind.

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They don’t work for themselves but for mankind as a whole. Their true recompenses lies in the service of mankind. Abdul Sttar Edhi – a bearded man, with clumsy dress on his body, works to promote the welfare of the poor, irrespective of nay monetary reward. Great men are inspired by high ideals.

Theirs is not a myopic view of life. They are men of vision and perception, who are motivated by higher ideals, the accomplishment of which tremendously benefits mankind in different ways. That also confers greatness on them because they live for mankind.

Their objective is not to win cheap fame like ordinary mortals, but to leave something substantial, concrete behind them, so that the time pays tribute to their memory. That is the rich form of recompense indeed!

“Great Men Have Always Scorned Great Recompense”