Essay No. 269:

Habit Is Second Nature: Habit one’s formed—good or bad, becomes a life-long companion of man. It becomes rather difficult for man to get rid of a habit formed in the early period of life. Man becomes helpless at the hands of his good or bad habits. A drunkard cannot live without wine.

A gambler cannot do away with gambling. The habitual drunkards / gamblers must indulge in the social evils, as these get into the blood of the effected. Habits thus becomes the second nature of man. Early riser must get up in the morning and must have a long walk.

There are persons who meticulously follow a set time schedule. One could correct one’s watch by observing the person concerned who would pass a place by certain time. Kant – A German philosopher enjoyed this reputation. A believer who is in the habit of saying his prayers regularly, must acquit himself of this obligation under all conditions.

A philanthropist must donate something to a noble purpose for promoting the cause of humanity. That is how good / bad habits grip man throughout his life and he can’t give time up. One may say that next to natural instincts, habits gave a stronghold over man.

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Man is wonderful specie created by God. He is endowed with a will and determination, by virtue of which he is capable of moving mountains. Hence when man determines to give up a bad habit, he can do so. What is required is the strong will-power on the part of man to say goodbye to bad desires once and for all.

In normal course of life, habitual smokers, drunkards gamblers, show little will to overcome the bad habits. One should thus try to form good habits which could permanently bear companionship to man in life. Individual with good habits comprise a good human society.

Before the advent of communist revolution in China, the people were opium eaters. Now one would seldom across opium eater. They have worked like giants and have raised the image of their country to great heights. Habits can be overcome through self-consciousness and discipline. What a mortal fool man is!

“Habit Is Second Nature”