Essay No. 127:

Handsome Is That Handsome Does: The meaning of the maxim is that real handsomeness arises form one’s deeds and actions in life. Real handsome is he who does good deeds in life. The yardstick of the real beauty of a person is with reference to his actions.

A person looking beautiful outwardly may be the ugliest one if he indulges in immoral activities. He may have no regard for the canons of morality. He may be living like an animal to satisfy his material desires in utter disregard to the principles of morality, though he may look beautiful form his physical appearance.

People with black colour but with good deeds are the most beautiful in the eyes of Allah. That is why Islam does not attach any importance to colour, caste or creed. Those who are credited with noble deeds are higher in the estimation of Allah. Those who serve their fellow beings with commitment and devotion irrespective of any colour or creed are liked by God.

Their balance sheet is plus in the eyes of Allah. Mother Tressa spent the whole of her life in the company of leprosy-affected people. She served humanity most devotedly and judged by that yardstick, she can be regarded as the fairest person. Physical beauty does attract man, but the real beauty lies hidden in the deeds of man.

Hazrat Bilal (May Allah pleased with him) was a black Negro. He enjoys a unique place in Islam. He elevated himself to the highest level by virtue of his deeds. He was given the title of (Syed-e-na) by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He is considered the most handsome person on the basis of his devotion that he showed for the cause of Islam.

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Hence if a man wishes to earn an undying reputation for being handsome, he should primarily devote all his energies to serve humanity by showing love to the poor, the depraved, as that is the best way to earn handsomeness in life. People enjoy a high place in society by virtue of their influence, prosperity, may not be near the concept of real beauty, as their life pattern revolves around pleasure and power.

They think that their beauty lies in power and the influence they wield in society. They may be physically handsome and the beauty may perish with the passage of time. However, form amongst the wealthy, who serve humanity in one form or the other, may carve out a name for themselves in history and may emerge as the most handsome figures.

If one wishes to attain permanent beauty which should outshine time, one should devote oneself to the service of humanity. That beauty would never dim!

“Handsome Is That Handsome Does”