Essay No. 316:

Happiness Is A State Of Mind: It is rather difficult to know what causes happiness to man. It is not necessary that those who roll in wealth, are happy in life. Apparently it looks so. The acquisition of wealth does bring happiness to man temporarily, but it is not of everlasting nature.

The poor who suddenly get wealth, may experience a sense of joy and happiness, but there is no guarantee that they would ever remain in that stat. the possession of worldly things brings joy and pleasure to man, but they happiness may prove to be of transitory nature.

The rich people too much involved in worldly affairs do not seem to be happy, as they are seen using drugs and sleeping pills to get sleep at night. On the other hand, an ordinary worker after day’s of hard labor, may enjoy a sound sleep at night.

The affluent section of society too much engrossed in mundane activities may be far away from happiness. Happiness is a feeling that man experiences on a number of occasions. After doing one’s work satisfactorily one may feel happy. Work is a source of happiness to man.

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When man wears himself in doing a particular work, he comes to experience a typical joy and pleasure. Work done properly can cause happiness to man. Those who voluntarily spend a part of their wealth in mitigating the sufferings of the poor segment of mankind, experience happiness that thrills their souls.

It is a sort of intoxication which blesses men, when they do some good deeds to serve the purpose of their existence. Happiness accrues to those who live for others. They pass through a permanent state of bliss. Happiness thus largely is a state of mind and that of inner clam, which cannot be sustained on the basis of wealth or getting a windfall.

One gets that state when one has striven to improve the lot of the destitute, the depraved section of mankind. This type of deed yields permanent inner satisfaction to man, which cannot be measured in worldly terms.

The poor after earning their livelihood with the sweat of brow can experience undying satisfaction and happiness. One has to catch happiness, which is elusive, through good works in life.

“Happiness Is A State Of Mind”