He Most Lives Who Thinks Most, Feels The Noblest, Acts The Best

Essay No. 142:

He Most Lives Who Thinks Most, Feels The Noblest, Acts The Best: Basic three functions of man’s life are beautifully summed up in these lines. These are interrelated to one another. Three functions form a sort of chain. Each is linked to the other. We pick up the last one first.

Who acts the best? The one who lives for others! A philanthropist who establishes a school, a hospital for the poor, acts in the best way. In Pakistan, a large number of poor people live in abject poverty. They do not send their male/female children to primary schools because they cannot afford to bear the expenses of their education.

The establishment of a primary-cum-middle, the secondary school would do a long way in providing facilities of education gratis to the poor children. It would be a big service to the poor, who would be able to educate their children. Apart from that, it would help improve the literacy rate in the country.

Similarly, the establishment of a dispensary would provide free health medical facilities to the poor. It would be no mean a contribution on the part of the philanthropist to do service to the poor. That is the last way to act, as no service is more worthy than to serve the poor creatures of God.

There is a story which is brought home to students at the elementary level of education. It is the story of Abu bin Adam, whose main theme is that Abu bin Adam once saw a dream. He came across the angel, who was writing something in a book of gold.

Abu asked the angel what he was writing about, whereupon the angel told him that he was writing the names of those who served God. Abu after some time posed a question to the angel “Can’t you write my name in the category of those who love God’s creatures?” The angel wrote his name in the book of gold which was on the top of all.

The story has a great moral lesson. Those live a permanent life who act the best by thinking of the poor to alleviate their sufferings in life. Allah loves those who feel the noblest about the poor by serving them in a way as to upgrade them in life. Those who are all the time thinking o themselves are self-centred.

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They wish to promote themselves and as such are far away from the spirit of the adage. There is an Urdu verse which runs as:

دردِ دل کے واسطے پیدا کیا انسان کو

ورنہ طاعت کے لیے کچھ کم نہ تھے کر و بیاں

[God created man to share feelings of love and sympathy of his fellow beings, otherwise, there was no dearth of angels to worship Him.]

The verse rightly explains the purpose of human life, which veers round: service to humanity. It is the highest form ‘Ibadat’. The adage is near the spirit of ‘Haqooq-ul-Ibad’ on which Islam lays great stress for believers to observe. We should in our individual capacity act on the spirit of the adage to seek the salvation of our souls.

Mother Teresa who spent the whole of her life in the company of leprosy-affected victims, must have acted the best, lived the best and thought the best. Politicians who devote their lives to serve the poor masses without any fishy motive are the blessed ones. They indeed come up to the criterion of the adage.

“He Most Lives Who Thinks Most, Feels The Noblest, Acts The Best”