Study2Compete Sundry Essays He Who Eats Fruit Should At Least Plant The Seed

He Who Eats Fruit Should At Least Plant The Seed

Essay No. 133:

He Who Eats Fruit Should At Least Plant The Seed: The essence of the quotation is that communities which are not in the habit of perpetuating progress, ultimately end in anguish. The quotation is subject to symbolical interpretation. It suggests that those who eat fruit should also ensure the continuation of fruit to the coming generations by planting the seed of the fruit.

If plants are too grown, that would mean the end of the fruit to the coming generations. The present generation should be blind to the needs of the coming ones. In order to increase the quantity of fruit, the supply of plants must be increased. The demand for fruit is going to increase in the coming times owing to a rapidly growing population.

The coming generations would feel starved if the present generation were not to plant seeds. It is the responsibility of the living generation to plan things in a way as to ensure their continuity in time to come. Pakistan is a poor country, with low savings/investment.

In order to fight underdevelopment, Pakistan will have to raise the volume of real savings in order to finance different development projects. The fruit of development would accrue to future generations. The cycle is repeated in every nation. The present generation has to make a sacrifice in different walks of life for the coming generation to enjoy the fruit of its labour.

This process has been going on since the creation of the world. If we wish to build Pakistan, economically and technologically, we must lay down the foundations in the present for it to emerge strongly in future. If heave/medium type of industrialization takes place in Pakistan, it would enable the country to increase the volume of exports consisting of engineering goods and benefits of economic progress would accrue to the coming generations.

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The present generations struggle and the fruit of their struggle is enjoyed by the future generation. That is the accepted principle of history. The present generation must develop the habit of curtailing consumption to make savings available for investing in industry and social sectors.

The principle is that the present generation should produce more and consume less to provide the benefit of growth to the coming generation. While concluding it may be pointed out that every individual should act on the recipe suggested by the quotation, namely to plant a seed to allow the coming generation to get the benefit of its fruit.

Nations that follow this maxim do not plunge the future generations to disappointment. Pakistan must plant more seeds so that the rate of afforestation increases in time to come.

“He Who Eats Fruit Should At Least Plant The Seed”

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