Essay No. 319:

He Who Never Changes His Mind Has No Mind To Change: The proposition rightly highlights a reality of life. Change is the law of nature. Hence man has to adjust himself to changing conditions in life. It calls for compromise, adjustment and adaptability on the part of man.

Those who stick to the past and fail to see the present realities, are the failures in life. Present realities are vastly different from those of the past. Hence it is an act of foolishness to cling to the past, which is like a dead horse and there is no use in flogging it.

Hence nations that are wedded to the past cannot grow and develop. They must recognize the present realities and bend all their energies to face them squarely. Problems, realities, challenges change with a change in time. Traditional societies like the FATA, Northern Areas in Pakistan have rigid religious beliefs.

The people are not inclined to reinterpret the religious beliefs in the light of the changing problems of the time. Such societies are static in outlook and behavior and cannot survive the tide of time. Nations individuals that are not willing to accept change as a fundamental factor, are destined to perish in the long run.

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Thus who do not change their mind with the occurrence of changes in life, are considered not to possess a mind. Hence one muse possess a dynamic mind to encompass overall changes occurring all the time around oneself.

Life is in a state of flux, passing through new changes all the time. One should keep a pace with the newly emerging changes to formulate new plans and strategies to deal with new challenges in a pragmatic way. Wisdom is demanding of man to have flexibility in thinking and action.

One should not remain rooted in the past to shun the present-day realities. Hence those who do not accept change, in fact, do not accept life. One should have a flexible mind to correspond to the changes occurring all the time in life. A static mind cannot answer the dynamic problems of life.

“He Who Never Changes His Mind Has No Mind To Change”