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He Who Pays The Piper Plays The Tune

Essay No. 318:

He Who Pays The Piper Plays The Tune: The proverb means that if a person is dependent on others in matters of finance, he will have little freedom to act according to his will. His financial dependence reduces the maneuverability of his choice.

If a person gets some aid form certain individual or organization, then he would have to accept the conditionalities imposed on him by them. He who holds the piper, has the right to play the tune.

The poor nations which get aid form the developed ones and a host of international lending agencies like the World Bank, the IMF, are placed under the obligations to carry out the behests of the lenders. The lenders play upon the piper and set the tune of their choice.

Pakistan cannot play the tune of its own choice and will as the piper is in the hands of the US and other financial lending organisations. Can Pakistan afford to reject the conditionalities of the donors? The latter are privileged to set the tune of their choice, while it lies not within the competence of Pakistan to demand a particular tune to be played on piper.

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There is a saying that beggars cannot be choosers. The piper is in the hands of the alms’s givers. They may like to give any amount of money to beggars, who cannot dictate their own terms. Beggars to become independent. Must hold the piper in their own hands to set a tune of their own choice.

Financial dependence is a curse which robs man of self-respect and self-hood. Everyone consciously should try to reduce his dependence on others to protect self-dignity form erosion as a result of the sharp slap given by the lenders.

Wisdom demands an individual and a nation to stand on his/her feet independently to avoid dependence on others. One shout try to acquire and hold piper in one’s hands to set a tune of one’s own choice and will.

“He Who Pays The Piper Plays The Tune”

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