Essay No. 270:

These lines of poem Heaven From All Creatures Hides The Book On Fate. All But The Page Prescribed Their Present State: The lines convey an important idea regarding the ignorance of future on the part of man. No human being knows anything what is to happen the next moment.

Man does not have any knowledge about the future. Nothing can be predicted exactly about the future. In a way, darkness is a blessing to man. If man were to know the exact date of his departure from the world, he would mentally dies much before his death. Nature thus keeps man ignorant of his future.

God forbid if people come to know about the fall of their country by a certain date or time, they would get mentally paralyzed resulting in the cessation of all kinds of activities. In other words, nature has done well to hide future as a sort of blessing. He should thus bend all his energies to improve his present condition.

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Present is before man and he should seize all possible opportunities to better his present living condition. If Pakistan succeeds in laying down a favorable framework for economic development in the present, then it could be assured of a bright future.

Nations which are wise, take stock of their present and strive hard to introduce a reaching of different nature in their life, succeed in the long run to march ahead to win more glories. On the other hand, the nations do not learn from their past and present mistakes, are destined to be consigned to the dustbin of oblivion.

The present to a great extent, is reflector of the future, though complete certainty about future is not possible. Thus God be praised who has kept future uncertain to man. Man thus is required to think about the present to solve his pressing problems. Future is clothed into ignorance and uncertainty.

“Heaven From All Creatures Hides The Book On Fate. All But The Page Prescribed Their Present State”