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Help From Within invigorates, Help From Without Enfeebles

Essay No. 164:

Help From Within invigorates, Help From Without Enfeebles: The dictum means that self-help is the best. One should depend upon one’s own strength instead of relying on external crutches. External help is of transitory and undependable nature. Man should inherently utilize his talents to stand on his feet independently instead of relying on external help.

Self-help solidifies man in every aspect to face eventualities and oddities of life. A person depending upon his own strength can achieve even the most difficult things in life. Some candidates are self-reliant and do not seek the help of academies to pass the CSS and other competitive examinations.

They ply themselves to hard work in a methodical way. They seek refugee under diligence, consistency to pursue their goal. They depend on the strength of their muscles to achieve their objective in life instead of relying on external help.

There is no harm in seeking help of a reputed teacher to overcome initial difficulties in gaining an understanding of the basic academic issues. It should however, not become a permanent feature. The external help may be dispensed with in the long run. Self-help brings out the best in man.

It arouses self-confidence in man, which is necessary to face the problems and challenges of life. Man’s hidden talents come on the surface, which he is able to exploit to his advantage. Persons believing in self-help emerge out as the most dynamic to encounter the difficulties of life.

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The external aid, which the poor countries seek from the developed countries to accelerate the pace of economic development to fight against widespread poverty, entraps them into debt trap, which they cannot break so easily. Pakistan’s case is before us. It is buried in external debt, running into billions of dollars.

It is a standing liability for Pakistan to repay it. The external aid instead of providing positive stimulus, in the long run, enfeebles the position of a debtor country. Hence one should avoid external help as far as possible, which can take wind out of the sails of a poor country like Pakistan.

“Help From Within invigorates, Help From Without Enfeebles”

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