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Honesty Is The Best Policy But Advertising Also Helps

Essay No. 137:

Honesty Is The Best Policy But Advertising Also Helps: The statement supports the maxim, but at the same time deals with the importance of advertising one’s honesty to convince others. An advertisement has grown to be an important means in the present century to attract people towards certain things.

If you are good at honesty, it’s good but it needs a little bit push to propagate your honesty. Honesty is a virtue in itself, which as a matter of face, needs of advertisement. The fragrance of honesty spreads all around gradually. Honesty travels at the speed of light and brings people under its umbrella though in a limited number.

Man who is the practitioner of honesty establishes his credentials gradually. He does not need the crutch of publicity. Sufis who lice for the pleasure of Allah, do not need any publicity. They preach the truth, honesty at their level without caring for any kind of publicity. Virtue rewards them adequately as they draw on believers interested in purifying their soul from worldly impurities.

However, believers who benefit from the practice and teachings of Sufis become their roving ambassadors of goodwill. They carry the message of Sufis to their acquaintances, whom they bear upon the need of coming under the spiritual influence of Sufis for spiritual sustenance.

Sufi’s credentials of honesty once established, go a long way in spreading their frame all around. It must be admitted that followers coin some fantastic stories about their spiritual guides. The idea is to convince others of guides spiritual powers. That normally happens in our own society.

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It is generally believed that the spiritual sects, in most cases, tend to be converted to mundane seats, leading to the exploitation of the gullible. Pirs/spiritual guides dole out spiritualism to the people who come to them for the rejuvenation of their tormented souls. Some Sufis indeed are above the worldly greed and are capable of offering guidance of their followers.

Their number is comparatively small. Most of the Pirs associated with ‘guddies’ take part in politics and play the sordid game to swell their political interests. They are far away from Islam. Hones candid people do not need the crutch of publicity. They practise honesty for the sake of honesty. They are above advertisement or publicity.

Strength of character born out of convictions is their forte. Half-baked honest people feel the need for publicity. The modern age is an age of advertisement. Big firms apportion a large amount of their budget to the advertisement. The hoardings fixed at different places in big cities/towns invite the attention of people to the products of the firms.

The hoardings make the people believe in the superiority of the advertised products. In a way, it is propaganda in favour of the ‘honesty’ of the firm’s products. So people practising honesty – overtly or covertly, feels the need for advertising their virtues. But honesty should be above publicity/advertisement.

“Honesty Is The Best Policy But Advertising Also Helps”

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