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Essay No. 323:

Hope Springs Eternal In Human Heart: The proverb means that man and hope live together. Hope arises in the heart of man, when he comes to face the most difficult situations in life. When man is defeated at the hands of adversity, he does not give up hope to bout with it the next time in a better organised way.

In times of failure, hope comes to face setbacks and disappoints with courage. Man clings to hope under all circumstances. Hope pulls man out of despondency and despair. A prisoner driven to the gallows, hopes up to the last moment that his life would be spared.

A candidate failing in the CSS examination, hopes to get through it the next time, of course with renewed vigour and effort. A patient suffering from a dangerous disease hopes to recover from it. It is hope which raises man form crest fallen spirits to a high level in life. In short, man without hops would become literally mad.

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The poor shackled by hunger and privation, live on the basis of hope. They expect a new tomorrow in their life, when they would succeed to come out of the poverty-trap.

Likewise underdeveloped countries suffering from economic backwardness, hope to join the category of developed countries, with raising income per capita and consequent rise in the living standard of people etc. people in Pakistan, passing through political, instability, with emaciated economic, political, legal institutions, have a right to hope for a better dawn in their lives.

They hope to be out of woods soon. If man gives up hope, the moment he world collapse. Man must cling to hope to be out of agonizing phase of today to pass through a better phase tomorrow. However, he must not relent struggle and efforts to see a better dawn.

“Hope Springs Eternal In Human Heart”