Hope Springs Eternal In The Human Breast (Short Essay)

Essay No. 252:

Hope Springs Eternal In The Human Breast: Hope is a constant companion of man. When man encounters failures and disappointments in life and is down with their shock, hope lifts him up from gloom and despondency. Man would go literally mad, if he were devoid of hope. In times of depression, hope comes to the rescue of man and again reinvigorates him with vigor to face the grim realities of life.

Man, in case of any misfortune, sees a ray of light through hope. That is how he is goaded to make struggle to face the grueling realities of life. Hope is not the monopoly of a few. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is blessed with hope. Hope is the privilege of man, whether high of low. It springs in the breast of patient who hopes to recover from the aliment he suffers form.

It originates in the breast of an industrialist who is hard hit by the depression of his business. It equally overtakes a convict, being driven to the gallows, who begins overtakes a convict, being driven to the gallows, who begins to hope against hope to get the gift of life. A candidate who fails in the CSS examination, has hope to succeed the next time, provided he makes the right type of struggle in the behalf.

A minister who loses his NA / PA seat on account of his being rejected by the electorate, hopes for his success in the next election. So hope sustains life. Man under adverse conditions, clings to hops, which does miracles in the life of man. Since the inception of Pakistan, people have been meeting gross injustices in different forms in their lives.

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The present times are very tough, especially for the poor, who are terribly run down by soaring food inflation, unemployment, yet they are not debarred in hoping for better times to come. There have been constant threats to democracy for a variety of reasons. Even now the system is under certain types of pressures.

Poor people who are the real stake of Pakistan fondly hope for the stabilization of the system so that come to real change could take place in their lives. The undue political, economic exploitation should end to usher in a qualitative change in Pakistan.

But for that people would have to elect right type of representative who could safeguard their rights in assemblies. People elect ‘tom cat’ to represent the ‘poor pigeon’ (the poor, the crest fallen). The order needs a reversal. The poor people can hope for the best.

“Hope Springs Eternal In The Human Breast”