Essay No. 66:

Houses Are Built To Live In And Not To Look On: The quotation rightly sums up the function of a house. It is constructed for the purpose of living. One of the basic requirements of man is to have a house for living. It is included in the basic economic needs of life. Hence man must have a house of his own to live in. Roti, Kapra, Makan are the basic needs of man which must be fulfilled. A welfare state works for the provision of the basic needs of life.


The people in the Third World countries, living below the poverty line are seen dwelling in huts in low-lying areas mostly on state land. The huts are least hygienic as rays of the sun seldom enter there. There is a salinity prevailing in small huts. In the huts, life decays progressively. The dwellers are exposed to a number of human ailments. The poor are forced to live in the huts to seek protection from the elements of weather. The huts through hygienically unsound for living, afford accommodation to the dwellers. A hut made of mud walls with a thatched roof, provides accommodation to the poor dwellers are satisfies the requirements of housing.


A house whether big or small is meant for living. One should have preferably a small house which is easily manageable in a poor country like Pakistan. A house should afford reasonable accommodation for the dwellers. Sanitation and other requirements must be provided n a house to the dwellers. It should be fitted with the necessary living paraphernalia. There is no justification to spend a colossal amount of money on its interior / exterior decoration because the primary purpose is to live in a house.

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The rich people lavishly spend money on the decoration of their houses. They construct big palatial houses which are decorated with the most modern equipment. One gets the impression as if such houses are built to look on and not to live. The rich wish to demonstrate their riches and wealth. In posh localities, houses are constructed in a lavish manner. The rich aim at demonstrating their economic affluence.


There is a sort of competition among the rich who wish to extol over their rivals by constructing palatial houses. They maintain big limousines and have an air of arrogance. That is in line with the social trend prevailing in a Third World country like Pakistan. Competition of riches is not a healthy trend. It needs to be discouraged as it generates frustration among the lower strata of the population. It encourages various types of crimes in society.


Small houses should be constructed. They should not entail heavy expenditure on decoration. Houses must provide reasonable facilities of living to the dwellers. Luxurious decoration of houses should be avoided. The wasteful expenditure must not be incurred on the upkeep and decoration of houses.