Essay No. 148:

However Mean Your Life Is, Meet It And Live, Do Not Shun It And Call It Hard Names: The statement deals with the practical philosophy of life. Life under all conditions is to be lived. One is reminded of the following verse of Ghalib:

غم ہستی کا اسد سے ہو جز مرگ علاج

شمع ہر رنگ میں جلتی ہے صحر ہونے تک

A candle burns, willy-nilly, till dawn, caring little about rebuffs it receives. Likewise, life should be lived heroically, one should refrain from calling names to live.

People who suffer from poverty, are prone to rebuke life for their privation. They have a reason to blame life because they do not get even the barest minimum necessities of life. They blame poverty which keeps them in a state of undernourishment, hunger. Their blame is genuine and their grumbling is justified.

But that is not the correct approach towards life. It would be no avail to blame poverty unless something concrete is done to reduce it. Those who are involved in a heroic struggle against poverty, succeed in the long run in reducing the magnitude of poverty, if not completely exterminating it.

Life demands practical action on the part of man to deal with its complex problems. Those who develop an attitude of complaining against life become inactive and lethargic to meet the varied challenges of life. They are devoid of practical action which does not suit life. Instead of calling names to live, a man should better rise to respond to the problems of life.

I have seen certain individuals whom I have observed not grumbling about life, though it was very hard for them to live. They put up with adversities without showing any sign of grumble or complaint. They had a positive attitude towards life and it was quite inspiring for men of low spirit. Adversities come and go.

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Hence man should develop the attitude of reconciliation with adversities. Adversities are the essence of life. Above all, adversities, which are a point of their own. One cannot get rid of adversities, which are an integral part of life. Instead of being cowed down by adversities, man integral part of life.

Instead of being cowed by adversities, a man should ever get ready to grapple with them to smoothen his way out to success. There is no use in calling names to live. Life is both hard and sweet. It should be lived courageously. One should avoid shedding tears of pity over one’s failures. Rather failures should embolden man to face challenges of life with confidence and determination.

“However Mean Your Life Is, Meet It And Live, Do Not Shun It And Call It Hard Names”