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Ideals Which Guide My Life

Essay No. 166:

Ideals Which Guide My Life: Man must have some ideals in life to chart his course amidst the turbulent waters. Ideals act as rudder to determine the direction of the ship of life. Life without ideals or philosophy is like a ship without a rudder. I have thus set a few ideals before myself to pursue in life and world spare no pains to achieve them.

Ideals are ideals which are beyond the human reach of realization. Cent percent realization of ideals is not possible in life. They represent perfection which an imperfect man cannot achieve. There is a saying that if one aims at the moon one may strike at the steeple of a church at the most.

This means if ideals are higher, it would involve the most intensified type of struggle to realize them. It would call for a higher targets in life, for the attainment of which one should wear oneself out rather than rust out. To have low ideals is a crime.

My ideal is to be a teacher of repute in the discipline of my choice. I wish to adopt the teaching profession. My concern is to equip myself with sound knowledge to impart good instruction to my pupils. I would stand for clearing the basic concepts of the subject and encourage why, and how among my pupils to stimulate their thinking.

If I succeed in doing so, it would pave way for the enlightenment of my pupils to acquire knowledge in the best spirit. If this approach were adopted, it would go a long way to do away with the rote learning which cuts at the very roots of knowledge. Rote learning reduce the potential of creative thinking among the students.

I would thus sincerely endeavor to instill a love for learning among my pupils, which I believe, would in no way be a mean contribution in the present context. Students at the secondary/college levels are made to rely on cheap notes, and are not encouraged to probe into the background of the issues, as these are drilled to them in a mechanical way.

I wish to be a knowledge among my pupils. Curiosity is the basis of knowledge, which tendency needs to be developed among students and I will leave no stone unturned in this behalf. I would teach in a manner as to free my pupils of the need of tuition after the class hours. Teachers in the present scenario do not take pains in the teaching of subjects in the classrooms.

Students are compelled to engage tuition of teachers to make up their deficiency in certain subjects. This has given rise to commercialization of education in Pakistan. In private coaching centres, only petty information is dished out to students. There is information but no education. The country is thus faced with the crisis of education.

I believe if a teacher, being well-equipped with knowledge in his subject, were to teach in an effective way by clearing the basic concepts, the need for private coaching would not arise. In the past school teachers. They kindled a love for knowledge among their students and that passion fired the latter to sit in libraries to pick up the gems of knowledge.

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That passion seems to have evaporated, as the present day teacher is neither interested in his personal growth nor in the growth of his pupils. If there is growth it is in monetary terms and not in terms of knowledge and learning. I have the burning desire in me to act as a trend-setter by reversing the present order, which inhibits the acquisition of knowledge based on why, how, when, where, and promotes the tendency of commercialization in education.

My second wish is to establish a model school/college in a far-flung area like my village. Educational facilities of a higher order are not available in my village. I through my personal devotion and commitment would inspire a few philanthropists to come forward to establish a trust for opening a model school/college in my village, for providing improved educational facilities to the poor boys/girls.

I would throw my full weight with the management to run educational institutions in a manner as to promote quality of education. If the project becomes feasible, it would help spread qualitative education among boys/girls of my village. It might become a hub and center of quality of education in course of time, and draw upon boys/girls of adjoining villages.

I would give the last ounce of my energy to the project, because I wish my village to be the nucleus of education in quality. Honest labor does not go waste. I plan to water the sapling with my heart’s blood. It is a different manner that the red-rose nurtured by the blood of a night angle may turn out to be an artificial red rose to be wheeled over by a cart on the road at the hands of the non-believers of love.

“Ideals Which Guide My Life”

“Ideals Which Guide My Life”

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