Essay No. 99:

If A window Of Opportunity Appears Don’t Pull Down The Shade: The statement implies that one should avail oneself of all opportunities that come in one’s way in life. It is a great sin to refuse opportunities that come at different times. Opportunities must be exploited for one’s betterment in life.


Individuals/nations that pull down the shade on the window-opportunity, cannot properly make use of opportunities that are thrown open to them. Every country big or small keeps foreign policy flexible. If any good opportunity arises and that demands changes, the foreign policy is twisted immediately to reflect those changes to serve national interests.


It is not wise to pull down the shade when the window of opportunity opens. Those who would let the opportunity go unnoticed later on would have to repent. Wise people thus do not let opportunities go unnoticed. They catch hold of the opportunities and make the best use of them bettering their lot. Once a bus is missed, it is missed forever.

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People who suffer from indecisiveness, have ultimately to pay a price for that. Those who cannot decide to take timely action to lose the opportunities that nature brings them their way. One should have the power of the decision of making in life. If one were to act like Shakespeare’s Hamlet one would be found wavering between ‘what to be’ and ‘what not to be’. In the process of Hamletising, we would miss the opportunities that come through th4e window of chance and regret then forever. One should thus act wisely in life to avail oneself of the opportunities so offered.


It is relevant to point out that opportunities involving the use of immoral means, should not be accepted. If a man ceases to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate, it would create unhealthy tendencies in society. Only legitimate means may be adopted to avail oneself of given opportunities.


If you are an engineer by profession and an opportunity promising better emoluments and higher emoluments is offered to you, accept it immediately to promote your genuine interests. Opportunities all the time do not knock at one’s door. They knock at seldom. So better pull down not the shade when an opportunity comes to you. 

“If A window Of Opportunity Appears Don’t Pull Down The Shade”