Essay No. 335: 

If Every Man Would Sweep His Own Door Step The City Would Soon Be Clean: The quotation highlights the importance of self-help in life. People who practice this philosophy, do a great service to themselves and the community they belong to. If every citizen assumes his responsibility of keeping his country clean, free of all social evils, then it can give rise to a community clean in all respects.

It every individual wages a crusade against corruption, the society would soon be rid of it. So self-reform leads to collective reform. If people only pay lip-sympathy to cleanliness but do not adopt it in their life, cleanliness would never would never be in sight in time to come. It would just remain a pious wish and a dream. The fate of a community is changed when its members adopt action as a strategy.

There is a glaring contradiction between what people profess and what they practice. People in Pakistan of all shades condemn corruption, in but when it comes to their individual interest, they come to adopt corruption to augment their resources to meet their ever growing material desires. This means that corruption is theoretically condemned but not practically stopped.

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Such societies abound in contradictions. People are show of action. It helps grow social evils as instead of warning, they grow over time. If we wish to make Pakistan a prosperous country, we must make our individual contribution to achieve objective. We must say good-bye to corruption once and for all at all levels. Mere condemnation is not enough.

It must be followed by a planned action to mitigate it. Hence wisdom lies in keeping one’s own house clean before expecting the lane to be clean. If every one of us throws rubbish in a dustbin fixed at a particular place, the locality would get cleaned in the long run. The quotation throws light on the importance of self-reform. The Western society has accepted it as it is practiced at the individual and national level.

The roads are clean, streets are clean. People’s being clean has made the society clean. Hence instead of verbally discussing the virtues of cleanliness, we should adopt it at the individual level. Its effects would percolate to the national level.

“If Every Man Would Sweep His Own Door Step The City Would Soon Be Clean”