If Wants Were Horses Even Beggars Would Ride

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Essay No. 2:

The quotation holds good in human life. It is a fact that wants are not like free horses available to every Tom, Dick and Harry. If you want to have a ride over a horse, then you must have it. For getting a horse you must possess money in your purse otherwise it would remain a vain desire. Restrictions can’t be placed on the desires to beggars, who can aspire for anything in life. A beggar may desire to own a nice bungalow to live in. he may further desire to take meals in a restaurant located in a posh locality. A desire is a mere desire. That is all. Man must have money resources to spend to make desires effective, otherwise, desires would emerge as mere phantoms or shadows.

If Wants Were Horses Even Beggars Would Ride

Man is a bundle of desires who cannot satisfy all his wants at a time. Even a king, rolling in wealth, may not be able to gratify all his desires because of the scarcity of money resources. If man were to satisfy his ballooning desires, then he would attain the status of a deity. That is not the case. Man is tragedian by nature, as he has to forego certain wants in favour of the more pressing ones. The money thus has to be utilized very prudently. Man does not possess an abundance of money, which is scarce in relation to his bewildering types of desires. Beggars being resource less are helpless to materialize their aspirations. Hence wisdom demands that man should keep his desires to the minimum level in life.


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It was  Ghalib who in his inimitable style said:

ہزاروں خواہشیں ایسی کہ ہر خواہش پہ دم نکلے

It is true of man. He wishes for the gratification of all his desires, but the simply cannot do so. Modern man, especially in the Third World countries wishes to possess 3Bs, namely a Buick, a bungalow and a bank balance to lead a comfortable life. He desires to have free access to all modern conveniences of life because of his sprawling material desires. No wonder there is a revolution of rising human frustrations, as all desires of people can not be satisfied on account of paucity of economic resources. This suggests that people should curtail down their genuine desires to facilitate the process of satisfaction of the genuine ones based on the availability of limited economic resources. Beggars are required to recognize ground realities of life and abandon wishing things which do not lie within their control.

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