Essay No. 324:

If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind: It is an abridged version of Shelley’s verse, according to which winter and spring are alternating phenomenon of life. The winter cannot last forever. So is the case with the spring. Man must taste change in seasons as long as he is alive. What the verse conveys to the reader is that change is the most dependable law of nature. The world is subject to this law.

Winter – a symbol of adversity, while spring behind the symbol of prosperity, are to alternate with each other. The winter’s advent makes man conscious of the adversities he is to face in life. He must prepare and arm himself with weapons of determination and will to wade through adversities. He must not be cowed down by adversities rather should pick up cudgels to fight against them with courage.

The adversity phase would peter out sooner or later. Likewise nations when confronted with adversities do not lose heart rather they continue to fight against them with renewed vigour and vitality. That is the characteristics of vibrant nations. The nations with a weak will are overpowered by the adverse tide of time and find it difficult to survive.

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Pakistanis must learn from the dynamics of change and rise to the occasion to face the given grim challenges with a resolute will. As for the spring, nations enjoying the blessings of prosperity are not supposed to relax their efforts. They must maintain and ensure the continuity of prosperity. The developed countries’ efforts aim at the perpetuation of economic prosperity, though in the process they try to snatch away the little prosperity of the poor Third World countries.

The developed countries do not wish the poor Third World countries to experience prosperity, though much of their own leadership is responsible for keeping the people in a state of under-development. In short, change cannot be hijacked permanently. Those who block the passage of change, invariably end in sheer futility. They themselves perish. Change must occur as per verdict of nature. Neither the winter nor the spring can artificially be prolonged. Both must hold their sway in their own time.

“If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind”