Essay No. 95:

If You Wish The Sympathy Of The Broad Manes, Then You Must Tell Them The Crudest And Most Stupid Things: The quotation is akin to the saying “While in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Particularly in a society, comprising people with a long bushy head of hair, not prone to rational thinking, it would not pay you to preach the gossip of rationality.


It would cut little ice with people, used to irrational ways of thinking. The community on account of lack of education may be a slave of superstition, believing in irrational things. Uneducated people would not listen to reason. Pay a visit to Northern Areas where the orthodox hold of religion is strong, people are not amenable to interpret religion in a rational manner.


If you bear upon them the need for a rational interpretation of Islam, they would consider it an act of blasphemy. Hence a community consisting of crude people would demand crude and stupid things and it would be unsound on your part to bring home to them the philosophy of reason. Politicians at the time of begging votes, talk in the vein with which the people are familiar.


They appeal to their sentiments in the crude language they understand. The best of winning the sympathy of the broad manes i.e., people, couched in ignorance, superstition is to talk to them in the language they understand and appreciate. There is no use of casting pearls before swine. The quotation highlights the importance of wishes, aspirations of people.

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If people demand stupid consumer goods, these would be produced for their satisfaction and vice versa. If you wish to remove the crudities of people, better expose them to light through education. Education would bring about a change in their thinking and attitude. Regressive thinking would be replaced with a progressive one.


Once a community is educated, it would automatically develop a healthy, rational attitude. It would go a long way in removing the crudities of the people. Then it would and outlook become easy comparatively to preach rationality to them.

“If You Wish The Sympathy Of The Broad Manes, Then You Must Tell Them The Crudest And Most Stupid Things”