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Ignorance Is Bliss, Knowledge Worry

Essay No. 173:

Ignorance Is Bliss, Knowledge Worry: The maxim regards ignorance a bliss, while knowledge a source of worry. The ignorant are unaware of their wretched socio-economic environments and that does not bother them the least. This applies fairly well to the hewers of wood and drawers of water. The people are like a living ox, only engaged in pulling the weight of life.

They are ignorant of national developments. If any ugly development takes place at the national, international levels, that does not upset them. They don’t burn their blood. In a way ignorance is a blessing to them, which does not expose them to the harsh realities of life.

Those who possess knowledge of the environments around them are highly sensitive to the occurrence of bad development. They feel about them and analyse the cause of their occurrence. They analyse things rather objectively and come to realistic conclusions. In this process they are made to burn their blood. Knowledge of the problems makes them worried.

When they don’t discern the availability of rightful means to combat them, it gives a shock to them. Knowledge of things makes people sensitive in varying degrees. Knowledge thus proves a source of worry to the people, while the ignorant can escape worry because of their ignorance.

This however, does not mean that ignorance should be promoted and knowledge discouraged. Knowledge needs to be diffused because in the twenty-first century, it is highly imperative as not progress is possible without acquiring knowledge in different fields. Ignorance has to be fought against.

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A developing country like Pakistan cannot afford to ignore a rise the literacy rate to the highest level, which holds a key to create awareness among the people to understand their problems of life. The logic that ignorance fosters bliss and knowledge creates worry, should be rejected in all seriousness.

A society that adopts escapism to shun hard core realities of life, cannot survive for long. Ostrich’s attitude needs to be abandoned for all time to come. The society should learn the art of facing ground realities of life courageously rather than close its eyes like an ostrich to escape them.

“Ignorance Is Bliss, Knowledge Worry”

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