Essay No. 144:

Ill Fares The Land, To Hastening Ills A Prey Where Wealth Accumulates And Men Decay: It is a quotation that sums up the problem of human living. That land is bad where many kinds of ills are generated like the accumulation of wealth and men perish because of wealth disparities. That land is not worth-living where men decay but wealth prospers.

One of the objectives of establishing Pakistan was to introduce social justice into the economic system. The latter was geared up to achieve a high growth rate. In this process, wealth disparities increased in Pakistan. Wealth disparities are even now on the increase as a result of hot pursuit of growth.

There is no inbuilt element of social justice in the economic system of Pakistan. Denial of social justice to the vast majority has led to an increase in the line of poverty but does not succeed in providing social justice to the majority. The consequence of this policy is that wealth accumulates in the hands of the rich, the industrialist, the feudal, while the stature of the poor is further run down.

Pakistan was to be a land of social justice, which objective appears to have been defeated over time. Man is the best creation of God. When he is subjected to decay and dehumanization, the purpose of his creation is defeated. As a matter of fact, this all has happened at the hands of man.

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It is he who creates inequalities to place a minority in a position of advantage and majority in a position of hunger, squalor. These are man-made inequalities of wealth and power. Hence that land is to be condemned where wealth is the privilege of a few, and poverty the privilege of majority, especially in a Third World country like Pakistan.

It appears that the poor in Pakistan have married with worries and foes permanently. It seems to be a catholic type of marriage, in which divorce is not possible.

“Ill Fares The Land, To Hastening Ills A Prey Where Wealth Accumulates And Men Decay”