Essay No. 85:

In Matters Of Conscience, The Law Of Majority Has No Place: According to the saying, people talk about conscience but few acts according to be dictates of conscience. Conscience is most glibly talked about by majority but least acted upon. That means there is a disparity between what people profess and what they act.


People are subject to the realization of their personal motives. They are guided in practical life by personal considerations to attain their objectives. In this process, they bypass their conscience which may clearly go against the means which they adopt to achieve them. Majority of people, rich or low, do not listen to the voice of their conscience when they wish to achieve the material objectives.


An official while advising his subordinated to refrain from indulging in corruption, may himself be a victim of the malady when it comes to his personal desire. All the sundry condemn corruption but few practically do not practise it. The material aspirations of people, especially of the educated, have risen very high in the Third World countries including Pakistan.


They wish to satisfy their aspirations whether their economic means permit them to do so or not. They wish to be in the vanguard of elitism. If the objectives are to have a big bungalow to live in or to have a big limousine to travel, economic aspiration. People who are crazy about it, would not under any condition listen to the voice of their conscience. They would go in for these, discarding all considerations of morality. Conscience may signal them to desist from adopting illegal ways to increase their resources for the fulfilment of their material desires.

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Hence one may say, there are the crises of conscience, particularly in the Third World countries. The majority is non-responsive to the call of conscience. The question arises is, whether people in the developed world act differently from those of their counterparts in the Third World. The answer is they are a slave of their economic interests and as such can go to any extent to foist worst type of exploitation on the poor countries.


Apart from economic, they wish to promote their geopolitical interests and that could impel them to go to any extent to thrust aggression of the weak, poor countries. They ignore the calls of their conscience in this regard. The poor, the rich are alike in disregarding the law of conscience, of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

“In Matters Of Conscience, The Law Of Majority Has No Place”