Essay No. 132:

In Strategy It Is Important To See Distant Things Close And Take A Distanced View Of Close Things: The quotation brings out the importance of strategy in the sphere of planning. The strategy demands to have a clear view of distant things and vice versa. Different aspects of the strategy of planning are briefly discussed here.

If the government plans to provide clean drinking facilities to the people of a town then it must foresee the coming changes in demography and other things. Planning must cover the changes in the coming five to six decades. Planning is to go beyond the present. If the strategy ignores the coming changes in the aforesaid fields, it is not good planning.

If planning limits up to the human nose, it is a case of bad planning. Planners should clearly perceive the coming changes properly to make effective planning. The idea is not to cover the present population but to forestall the coming changes in population based on the current and anticipated growth rate.

Planning is thus done in a long-term perspective as to visualize the distant things and bring them close to the planning framework. Close things are not ignored but a distanced view of them is taken in the formulation of a planned strategy.

An industrialist who wishes to set up a biscuit factory at a particular place will have to envision many things that could have a bearing on the project. The industrialist would surely ensure the availability of trained labour and other infrastructural facilities before launching the project.

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He would have to have a feasibility report carried out to determine the marketing extent of the newly launched project. The report would indicate the anticipated changes in the money-income of people, their tastes, the scale of preference of consumers etc. the distanced things would have to be taken a close view in the launching of the project.

Planning involves perception and vision. One has to take into consideration—close and distant things, depending on their relative importance in the planning process. One has to foresee coming changes to be incorporated into the planning. No hard and fast rules can be laid down in this behalf.

“In Strategy It Is Important To See Distant Things Close And Take A Distanced View Of Close Things”